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Jay Bio Pick

Howdy. I’m Jay and live with my lovely wife, Steph. I have a beautiful daughter who is just starting her journey through adulthood. We love to hike, travel, and spend time with family and friends.

If asked, I would probably describe myself as “refined country,” which means I don’t mind visiting the big city, but I’m at home in the country. I’m okay with wearing camo but need to have my smart phone by my side. I live by the scouting motto of “Be Prepared.”



Orin Bio


I’m a gearhead, a techie, and a nerd. I don’t exactly fit into a specific mold or “clique.” Whatever seems the most fun or interesting is what I do. I am just as comfortable turning wrenches or laying paint as I am playing video games, reading a comic, or watching SciFi. My wife, Janessa, was my high school girlfriend and is now stuck with me forever.

Jay has been my buddy for many years. He is also stuck with me forever.


Fort Theory

In the spirit of the wild frontier and the forts that served as information and supply hubs for the trappers, scouts, explorers, craftsman, and pioneers that roamed the landscape, Fort Theory is a trading post of information and knowledge relevant to the 21st century. We cover a wide variety of topics (often with a flair of humor) and hope that you will find something that piques your interest.

Welcome to Fort Theory!